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2nd-3rd February 2024

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Stoke PhotoHubs is for ALL Photographers.  It’s an opportunity to…

Listen to some inspirational speakers.  Take part in workshops..  Take portfolio images.  Have a new Headshot taken for you.  Enter a Print Competition.  Take images of model Natasha Bella.  Grab some FREE business mentoring.  Browse the latest products from some great trade suppliers.  Socialise with like-minded people. All in one place or hub – The Double Tree by Hilton, Stoke-on-Trent.


Trade Day Pass Price – FREE

Saturday 3rd February 2024 (must be pre-booked)

Times:  09:00 – 15:00 (last entry 14:00)

This gives you access to the Trade Hall (subject to availability).   NB please note that this does not include access to listen to the speakers.




Friday 2nd February 2024


Times:  09:00-15:00 (last entry 14:00)

This gives you access to listen to the Speaker Presentations on Day One, as listed below and Book a Photography and/or Business Mentoring Session (subject to availability)



10:00 .. Slavomir Kondratovic – How to use Backdrop Stacking, Colours & Light to Create Dynamic Images

Stacking backdrops can totally transform portrait shots. Simple colour choices and lighting techniques can add volumes to images. There will be plenty of practical, useful tips in this session, so whether you are a beginner or a professional, there will be some valuable nuggets for you to take away.

11:30 .. Gary Hill – Keep Creativity Alive

An inspiring talk dedicated to nurturing and sustaining your Creative Spirit in Photography. Discover how to embrace challenges, experiment fearlessly, and keep your artistic vision alive in the ever-evolving world of photography.

13:15 .. Chris Chambers – Shooting for the Edit – when In-Camera Perfection is Impossible

Weddings are fast-paced and involve juggling so many balls that even an octopus would struggle! Photographers swear by the mantra of getting it right in camera, but in this presentation, Chris will buck the trend and explain how perfection isn’t always immediately possible, and using real-world examples of straight-out-of-camera images and the finished photograph will demonstrate how shooting to edit should be a perfectly acceptable skill for all wedding photographers (and those who shoot other genres too). Expect lots of useful hints, tips and ideas to take away for your own photography and learn the difference between shooting editing and fixing errors in Photoshop.

14.30 .. Charlotte Bellamy – Intentional Camera Movement – so Much More than a Blurry Photo

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a technique growing in popularity. A well-executed ICM image can bring emotion, feeling, and movement to a static image and become a piece of art – far more than a ‘blurry’ photo. Certain elements, if included in your images, will elevate them into a compelling one that can ‘stop people in their tracks’. Find out more about them in this session.



Saturday 3rd February 2024


Times:  09:00-15:00 (last entry 14:00)

This gives you access to listen to the Speaker Presentations on Day Two, as listed below, enter our Print Competition, meet Trade friends, have a new Headshot taken, take images of model Natasha Bella and Book a Photography and/or Business Mentoring Session (subject to availability)



10:00 .. Christopher James Hall – Paying-It-Forward through Photography

This is an inspiring talk about Christopher’s personal photography journey, which started in 2015 when he was struggling with homelessness himself and led to his creation of a foundation to help others in similar circumstances in recent months. Christopher will share how ‘paying it forward’ can create a positive impact that resonates far beyond the initial gesture, showcasing how photography can be a catalyst for social change and empowerment.

11:30 .. Claire Osborne – “Going for Gold” .. From Concept to Creation

Master the Art of Creative Photography – Join Claire on a journey that takes you through the process of transforming your creative ideas into award-winning images. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, there’s something here for everyone, as it’s packed with practical insights that you can apply to your photography immediately. The goal is for you to walk away with the knowledge and confidence to create your own stunning, award-winning images.

13:15 .. Emma Campbell – Beyond Awards: A Journey of Discovery through Competitions

Mentoring can Shape your Unique Style and Creativity.  Entering competitions can be daunting and make you feel vulnerable especially so when things don’t seem to go your way. Instead of solely focusing on the awards, think about another key benefit – how competitions (and mentoring) can shape you as an individual photographer! Emma has experienced everything from disqualification and no grades to eventually achieving the Guild’s ‘Overall Image of the Year (Judges Choice)’. With every submission, she believes she learnt something new that has made her the photographer she is today. Let Emma take you on a journey of highs, lows, and a few ugly bits – as she highlights some of what she’s learnt as part of the process and what can be achieved if you give the competition a go and stick with it.

14.30 .. Print Competition Judging – Join us for the LIVE Judging of the Print Competition

An exciting session packed with learning! This is a great opportunity to learn from Judges; a great prize awaits the winner!

Included in the Day Pass for Saturday is the option to enter up to two images into the competition free of charge!

If you wish to enter, please send a high-resolution digital version of your printed image to by 09:00 am on 22nd January 2024. If there are too many entries to judge in the allocated time, the Judges will shortlist before the session.

Prints should be a minimum of 12″ X 10″ and placed on a 16″ X 12″ or 20″ X 16″ mount board and handed to our reception by 12 Noon on the day and can be collected straight after the event finishes.



Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd February 2024


This gives you access to listen to the Speaker Presentations on both days, and on Day Two enter our Print Competition, meet Trade friends, have a new Headshot taken, plus Book a Photography and/or Business Mentoring Session (subject to availability)

The attending Trade suppliers on Saturday, 3rd February 2024, include Fuji, Epson, Loxley Colour, Cewe, Graphistudio, Click Props / Backdrops, Digitalab, One Vision, Handpainted Backdrops and the Guild of Photographers, of course.   (more may be added soon as this list is obviously subject to change)

Day One & Day Two Workshops


Friday 2nd February 2024

Photo of a woman holding a little Dachsund


Masterclass with Jessica McGovern

Seeing the Result: Outdoor Pet Portraiture Shot Spotting – £125
Photography Session Days

09:30-11:25 | 12:00-14:25 | 14:30-16:30

Session Days

A Portrait & Portfolio Experience with Photography Session Days – £125
Photo of a woman holding a little Dachsund


A Masterclass with Jessica McGovern

Retouching Pets: The Essentials for Stunning Results


A Masterclass with Chris Chambers

Creative Light for Weddings – £125


A Masterclass with Gary Hill

Kick Ass Portraits in Seconds – £125


Saturday 3rd February 2024


A Masterclass with the Foodies Photographer Emma Dunham

Food Photography that Wins – £125


An Insightful Judging Workshop with Jo Bradley & Heather Burns

I’ll be the Judge of That! –  £125


Headshots with Gary Hill in Aid of Remember by Baby Charity

Bag Yourself a New Headshot – Minimum Donation £10


Print Competition LIVE Judging

Included with Speakers Day Pass or £10 per entry otherwise.