Emma Dunham

Emma Dunham is a multi-award-winning food photographer, best-selling author and an international mentor specialising in all thing’s food photography related.

From merging her first career in sales and marketing with her love of food and photography it has given her a dynamic, stable foundation for photographing food brands, their staff and helping them gain eye catching on-brand storytelling images. Coupled with a strong understanding of social media with an impressive LinkedIn following she advises on going from 0 to 90 and supercharging your online following.

When not photographing for food brands, Emma devotes her time to running online and in person workshops to help photographers build a solid food photography business and boost their own imagery using a unique way of working with the psychology of food. By learning how to understand the emotions linked to food and eating Emma has created an individual, intriguing style of photography that talks to businesses through website, social media and email marketing and helps get more eyes on photographers, to utilise social media to their advantage.

With her straight talking, let’s get focussed mentality she lights a spark on where the next part of your own personal journey will take you, through her good-humoured take on work, life, being a human being and not giving up.

Find out more about Emma here – https://www.emmadunham.co.uk/


Food Photography that Wins!

A Masterclass with Emma Dunham – Foodie Photographer

Saturday 3rd February 2023 @ 09:30-12:30 – £125

When booking this workshop you will also get a FREE Day Pass worth £25 so that you can enjoy the rest of your day at the event PLUS if you book before Christmas you will also get a ProMaster Multi Function Optic Cleaning Pen worth £10.99 on arrival at Stoke.

Food photography has a huge market but there’s a real skill to making foodstuffs jump out at you when you can’t taste or smell it, so how do you do it?

Setting up a food photography shoot can be very time consuming with multiple aspects to consider, so if we break it down into a blueprint of what you need and what you don’t then we speed up your workflow.

We will cover…..

  • Who is your client
  • The psychology of your client
  • How to use the 2 most used lighting techniques with food
  • The 3 ways to shoot food
  • The most popular composition techniques
  • How to style the food
  • What plates, props, ingredients are needed in each set up
  • Getting 90% right in camera

If you want to take stunning food and drink images and get yourself noticed in the commercial world of photography and have a fully immersive hands-on experience, this class is for you. It’s also for you if you simply want to learn something new!

You will be up building sets and photographing, so bring your camera!